Payroll Card Service

Wishing to bring the highest utilities, Kienlongbank provides "Payroll card service" for corporate customers. Accordingly, Kienlongbank will render service of paying salary, other expenses to customers’ employees, other subjects at request of the customers through the employees’cards opened at Kienlongbank.

Functionalities, utilities

  • Save costs of cash management, personnel, tools, equipment.

  • Save costs of tally, while avoiding the risks of transporting cash. 

  • Information security for employees’ wages. 

  • Support Services: SMS Banking, Internet Banking,... for account inquiry, transaction statements, information... 

  • Enjoy preferential interest rates on account balances. 

  • Time and payroll procedures are quick, simple and accurate. 

  • Employees use an ATM card to withdraw cash, perform other transactions.

  • Customer service works 24/7 continuously.

Outstanding benefits

  • No account management fees. 

  • Waiver of salary payment service fees.

  • Waiver of employees’s card issuance fees.

  • Automatic salary payment services as required by customers. 

  • Free cash withdrawals at all ATMs nationwide.


Enjoy many promotions, discounts up to 50% when shopping, dining, using services at hundreds of Kienlongbank’s promotion units (Please refer to here).

Subjects, application

a. Subjects

Businesses or organizations wishing to use service of salaries, commissions and other expenses payment to their employees.

b. Application

  • Dossier for opening checking accounts for corporate customers.

  • Contract of Payroll Card Service.

  • Dossier for opening accounts and card issuance for employees of customers.

Service fees

  • The first year: Free of charge.

  • From the second year onwards: VND1,100 per transaction. 

 For more details please contact 24/7 Customer Service: 1900 5555 39 or Kienlongbank branches/ sub-branches nationwide. 

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