Mobile Banking Service

Only with an Internet connected cell phone via Wi-Fi, 3G or GPRS, transactions may be initiated with Kienlong Mobile Banking service. The service is characterized by a series of safe and outstanding features such as card purchase, mobile top-up, bank transfer, bill payment, Internet billing, online payment, etc., offering quick and easy way of transaction for modern and busy life.


Account management

  • Information inquiry of current account, saving account and loan account (account number, balance or outstanding debt balance, open date and due date, etc.)
  • Account statement view, transaction categories and status of transactions initiated via Kienlong Mobile Banking.
  • Account statement of 05 most recent transactions.

Online transfer

  • Transfer to receiver's cell phone number (directly input the number or choose from phone contact).
  • Transfer to receiver’s account number.

Top up your mobile phone

  • Top up prepaid phone account (Mobile phone, Vinaphone, Viettel, Beeline, Sphone, etc.)
  • Top up post-paid phone account (Mobile phone, Vinaphone, and Viettel).
  • Top up game account and other online accounts.

Card code purchase

  • Mobile phone card (Mobile phone, Vinaphone,Viettel, Beeline, Sphone, etc.), Game card (for games of Zing, FPT, VTC, My card, etc.), Internet phone card (international call) and others.

Bill payment

  • Payment for post-paid bills of water, electricity, insurance, cable television, online bill, etc.
Outstanding benefits
  • Free of charge of service subscription and utilization.
Security and confidentiality
  • Maximum safety and confidentiality with 2-tier security policy via MPIN during transaction and one- time authentication code (OTP) to verify transaction.
Customers and subscription procedure


  • Individuals open their current account at Kienlongbank and require to use Kienlong Mobile Banking service.

Subscription procedure

  • Subscription form cum e-Banking service contract of Kienlongbank;
  • ID card/passport of account holder.
Frequently asked questions
Question 1: Can I pay for water, electricity, phone call, Internet and cable television bills via Kienlongbank account?

Kienlongbank's answer: You may request Kienlongbank to automatically debit your current account to pay for monthly bills such as electricity, water, phone call, Internet and cable television. For electricity bill payment for HCMC Power Corporation, VTC, Ben Thanh Water Supply JSC, and Phu Hoa Tan Water Supply JSC alone, transaction may be made via Internet Banking and Mobile Banking. (You must subscribe the service).

Question 2: What is Kienlong Mobile Banking?

Kienlongbank's answer: Kienlong Mobile Banking is an E-Banking service offered by Kienlongbank. It enables customers to use mobile device (such as mobile phone, tablet, etc.) having Wifi, GPRS and 3G connection to log in and make online transaction at anytime and anywhere.

Question 3: What are benefits offered by Kienlong Mobile Banking?

Kienlongbank's answer:

The following benefits are offered by Kienlong Mobile Banking:

Account information management: current account, loan account and saving account.

  • Current account balance inquiry
  • Current account statement inquiry
  • Loan account and saving account information inquiry


  • Transfer to a deposit account opened at Kienlongbank
  • Transfer to a subscribed phone number for Kienlongbank Mobile Banking

Bill payment

  • Post-paid service bills: Electricity, television, water supply, etc. 
  • Online payment bills. 
  • Air ticket. 
  • Others. 


  • For prepaid phone subscribers. 
  • For post-paid phone subscribers. 
  • For game account. 
  • For other top-ups. 

Card code purchase 

  • Mobile phone card. 
  • Game card. 
  • Internet phone call card. 
  • Others. 
Question 4: What are conditions for using Kienlong Mobile Banking?

Kienlongbank's answer: In order to use Kienlong Mobile Banking, you need to:

  • Have a deposit account opened at Kienlongbank.
  • Subscribe to use Kienlong Mobile Banking at any branch/transaction office of Kienlongbank.
  • Have mobile devices: mobile phone, tablet, etc., having Wi-Fi, GPRS and 3G connection
Question 5: What should I do in case I forget my Kienlong Mobile Banking password?

Kienlongbank's answer: In case you forget your Kienlong Mobile Banking account password, please go to any Kienlongbank branch/transaction office to request to reissuing activation code. Then activation code may be used to reactivate and recreate password for your Kienlong Mobile Banking account.

Question 6: What can I do when I want to change the phone number subscribed for Kienlong Mobile Banking or tKienlong Mobile Banking?

Kienlongbank's answer: In case you wish to change your subscribed phone number or mobile device for Kienlong Mobile Banking, please go to any Kienlongbank branch/transaction office for further support.

Question 7: Can I use Kienlong Mobile Banking to top up another phone number?

Kienlongbank's answer: You may use Kienlong Mobile Banking to top up your phone account and other account, both prepaid and post-paid.

In addition, when Mobile Banking topup is used, you may enjoy discount offered from time to time. At present, Kienlongbank's discount rate is 1% of top-up value.

Question 8: Which service packages are provided by Kienlong Mobile Banking?

Kienlongbank's answer: At present, 2 service packages are offered with different transaction limit to satisfy each customer’s demand as follows:

Service package

Type of transaction

Transaction limit/time

Transaction limit/day


– Transfer transaction.

– Payment/top-up/card code purchase.

VND 20,000,000

VND 200,000,000


– Transfer transaction.

– Payment/top-up/card code purchase.

VND 50,000,000

VND 500,000,000

Question 9: What should I do when Mobile Banking application is downloaded to mobile phone but cannot be opened?

Kienlongbank's answer: Please check whether you downloaded version which is compatible with your phone operating system. There are 2 ways to download Kienlong Mobile Banking application:

  • Click application download link on Kienlongbank SMS.
  • Directly download from App store (iOS), CH Play (Android), etc.

In case the downloaded version is compatible with phone operating system but not activated, please do not hesitate to contact Kienlongbank hotline at 1900 6929 for further support.

Question 10: Does activation code have its effective time?
Kienlongbank's answer: Kienlong Mobile Banking activation code is not applied with effective time
Question 11: What should I do when I purchase a card and money is deducted but no PIN is received?

Kienlongbank's answer: In case you purchase card via Kienlong Mobile Banking, account is deducted but no PIN is received, please call Kienlongbank hotline at 19006929 or go to any Kienlongbank branch/transaction office to make transaction claim. 

Question 12: What should I do if I top up incorrect number or transfer to incorrect number? Can I get my money back? And how?

Kienlongbank's answer: In case you use Mobile Banking top up/transfer to an incorrect phone number but such phone number is valid and transaction is completed, such transaction may be canceled. It means that no money is taken back.

Notes: Phone number-based money transfer can only be implemented if beneficiary's phone number is subscribed for Kienlong Mobile Banking and money transfer shall be promptly processed. During transfer transaction is initiated on Mobile Banking, please check the “Verification” screen on which beneficiary information is displayed before entering authentication code to confirm the transaction.

Question 13: As a Kienlong Mobile Banking user, what should I keep in mind for secure transaction?

Kienlongbank's answer: All requirements and conditions are successfully satisfied by Kienlongbank as follows:

  • Do not disclose anyone (even bank teller) or note down to save your username and password of Kienlong Mobile Banking account.
  • Do not set your MPIN/password with personal information (such as date of birth, phone number, license plate, etc.) or easily guested number (such as 11111, 123456).
  • Always bring mobile device (mobile phone, tablet, etc.) subscribed for Kienlong Mobile Banking.
  • Subscribe to use SMS Banking to follow up any balance change of current account subscribed for Mobile Banking.


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