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Domestic Transfer

Features and Benefis
  • Transfer between accounts owned at Kienlongbank, at other financial institutions, to other personal and corporation bank accounts with automation, promptness, accuracy, and security.
  • Unlimited transfer amount
  • Accesible to owners or non-owners of Kienlongbank’s account
  • Transfer can be performed at branches, ATMs, and online banking
Transfer can only be made in VND for residents of Vietnam
Transfer can be made in other currencies for foreigners if origins of currencies are traceable

Customers must provide the followings:

  • Information of the recipient
  • - Recipient is an organization: Account number, account holders’ information.
    - Recipient is an individual: Full name of the recipient (if the -recipient has an account) or national identification number, passport number, date of issuance, place of issuance of national identification or passport (if the recepient does not have an account)

  • Recipient’s bank information: Name of banks, branches, transaction office
Service fee
  • Please refer to the up-to-date service fee appendix
  • No fee is applicable for transfer between accounts owned at Kienlongbank.

  • Transfer from accounts: Transfer authorization form (03 copies)
  • Transfer at bank tellers: Deposit slip (02 copies), Transfer slip (02 copies)
 For more information, please contact the nearest branches / transactional offices or dial 1900 5555 39 for assistance.

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