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Online Saving Accounts

Benefits of Product

  • High and competitive interest rate
  • Accessible anywhere and anytime including national holidays and weekends without the hassles of visiting the bank
  • Simple, fast, and time-saving
  • Accurate, safe, and secure
  • Saving Insurace in VND
Features of Product

  • Type of currency: VND
  • Terms: 01, 02, 03, 06, 09, 12, and 13 months
  • Minimum balance: 1.000.000 or the maximum balance on your debit account
  • Interest rate: Please refer to our ‘Online Saving Account” rates
  • You will specify the date after opening your saving account
  • Compount interest and auto renewal: Interest payment will be compounded to your principal and interest term will be automatically renewed to match your previous term and current interest rate
  • Non-compound interest and auto renewal: Interest payment will be debited to your debit account and the principal will be auto-renewed to match your previous term and current interst rate
  • When the terms end, your principal and interest will be automatically debited to your debit account
Terms and Conditions

  • You must own a debit account at Kienlongbank
  • Register Internet Banking
  • Minimum balance: 1.000.000 VND

  • Debit Account and Online Saving Account must be under the same owner
  • Not applicable to co-owners of debit account
  • In compliance with saving policy, terms and conditions
 For more information, please contact the nearest branches / transactional offices or dial 1900 5555 39 for assistance.

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