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Cumulative Saving Account

Cumulative Saving Accounts are saving accounts that allow customers making installment monthly until they reach their objective fund in the future. With the features coming from these saving accounts, customers can now enjoy making their dreams come true including obtaining a new house, purchasing a new vehicle, buying other equipments or simply savings for their kids or making a meaningful amount of fund for taking care of their parents.

Target and conditions

  • Cumulative Saving Account is opened to all customers who have fully legal capacity and capacity for civil acts

  • Minimum amount of registering cumulative saving account: 6.000.000 VND

  • Complete all registration forms of Kienlongbank

  • Personal ID or valid passport

  • Competitive interest rate

  • Flexible in making installment or withdrawing at any branches or transaction offices of Kienlongbank

  • Receiving insurance if customers open Cumulative Saving Account in VND

  • Ownership of cumulative saving accounts can be transferred in case customers request

  • Customers can authorize another individual for receiving interest payment or withdrawing money.

  • Cumulative saving account can be used as collateral asset to secured a loan at Kienlongbank

  • Cumulative saving account can be used to confirm financial ability for customer that travel abroad

  • Cumulative saving account can be used to secured a loan for a third party

  • Customers open cumulative saving accounts can now enjoy other utilities at Kienlongbank


Currency: VND

Term ranges from 1 year to 20 years

Making monthly installment

  • The amount of installment can be changed but it cannot be less than the registered amount when opening account
  • Monthly installment can be made no later than 30 days
 Interest rate is based on interest of 12-months saving account. Interest payment can be received on date of maturity
  • On maturity date, if customers do not withdraw interest payment, it will be added to the principal and automatically renew as checking account
 For more information, please contact the nearest branches / transactional offices or dial 1900 5555 39 for assistance.

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