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Loan for stock investment secure

This product is designed to satisfy the borrowing demand of customers who want to invest into listed securities or unlisted securities.

Target customer and condition
  • Customer is Vietnamese
  • There are sources of repayment from the sale of investment securities / dividends, or other sources approved by the Bank.
  • Securities as collateral must be in the "List of Securities received as collateral
  • Security's assets must be managed to ensure price movements prescribed by the Bank.
  • Purchase securities / investment transaction must be allowed, no dispute and not subject to conditional custody
Product’s utility

  • Loan term: According to Kienlongbank regulation and policies time to time.
  • Currency: VND
  • Loan amount: based on actual demand for loans and the value of the pledged assets and regulation of Kien Long Bank from time to time.
  • Repayment method: Interest paid monthly; principal paid monthly or final.
  • Loan interest rate: Depend on Kienlongbank regulation and policies time to time

  • Loan application form
  • ID card, household registration book/ KT3
  • Letter of authorization for selling securities
  • Documents related to the collateral: papers proving ownership of securities; Certificate of capital contribution/ Book shareholder confirmation/stocks /Stock certificates ... (for unlisted securities). Certificate of stock blockade
  • Documents proving the purpose of capital: The list of account balances of clients in securities companies.
 For more information, please contact the nearest branches / transactional offices or dial 1900 5555 39 for assistance.

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