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Lending for day-to-day installment for employees

In order to support customers who are full-time employees at business enterprise or economic organization, Kien Long Bank has offer a lending service without collateral assets.

Targets and conditions
  • Vietnam citizens
  • Having legitimate usages of loans and have abilities to make payments for Kien Long Bank
  • Having minimum 2 years experience at time of borrowing
  • Having official confirmation from supervisors about working duration and agreement upon deducting monthly income to payback for Kien Long Bank
  • Borrowers have to authorize company/organization to deduct monthly income on behalf to payback for Kien Long Bank
  • Economic organization/business enterprise have co-signed with Kien Long Bank
  • Borrowers have payrolls through Kien Long Bank
Product’s features
  • Currency: VND.
  • Loan term: maximum of 36 months.
  • Repayment methods:
    -  Principle paid monthly and monthly interest calculated on the actual balance basis.
    -  Principle and interest are settled monthly (interests will be calculated on the initial loan amount).
  • Loan limits: based on the customer’s income and repayment ability, but not exceed 70% of basic salary and other allowances within the term of loan.
  • Kienlong Bank’s loan application form certified by the leader of customers’ agencies;
  • Copy of identification card and household registration book;
  • Kienlong Bank’s account opening application form (for customers have not opened an account at the bank yet);
  • Other documents requested by Kienlong Bank.
  • Note: Copies are not need to be certified, customers bring along original copy for comparison when completing their documents at the bank.

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