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Consumption installment loan

Consumption loan provides customer with the funds to meet customers’ daily consumption needs including household appliance purchasing, tuition fees, travel, wedding, medical treatment and other needs.
Objects and requirements
Vietnamese individuals:
  • Have full civil legal capacity and civil act capacity according to Vietnamese law provisions;
  • Have permanent/temporary residence book at the same operation location of Kienlong Bank’s head office and branches;
  • Have stable income to secure the repayment ability
  • Have mortgage assets (house, land, and saving books, etc.) used to secured the loan, or assets guaranteed by a third party with sufficient collaterals, or other assets accepted by Kienlong Bank
  • Have legal loan purpose.
Product’s utility
Loan term:
  • Loan for overseas study: maximum of 84 months (view more at loan for overseas study)
  • Loan for automobile purchasing: maximum of 60 months (view more at loan for automobile purchasing)
  • Other loans: maximum of 36 months
Currency: VND and Gold (SJC 99,99) or VND guaranteed by gold

Limits: according to customers’ need and repayment ability, but not exceed the value of mortgage assets assessed by Kienlong Bank

Interest rate: in accordance with Kienlong Bank’s prevailing schedule of interest rates

Repayment methods: Principle and interest are settled monthly, and interests will be calculated on the decreasing balance basis or other methods.

For loans in gold, customers can pay by VND (equivalent value according to Kienlong Bank’s sell gold at the time of repayment).
  • Kienlong Bank’s loan application form
  • Legal documents: Identification card/Passport, household registration book/KT3 certificate, marriage/single status certificate, etc. of the borrower, spouse and guarantor (if any)
  • Documents demonstrating income: Labor contract, salary confirmation, car/house rental contract, business license, etc. of the borrower and co-borrower
  • Documents  relating to loan security properties

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