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With non-term payment deposit, customers can gain non-term interest rate periodically promulgated by Kienlong Bank. It is also an optimal choice for customers to limit arising risks in cash settlement, and at the same time helps customers manage the idle capital most effectively.
  • Simple and quick procedures.
  • Safe, accurate and confidential.
  • Customers’ deposit will be insured and the interest will be converted into the principal.
  • Attractive and high interest rates.
  • Customers can authorize another person to use the account as prescribed by the bank.
  • Non-cash settlement: receiving money from others, and payment (for customers or partners) through payment order or collection order, etc.
  • Used to confirm financial resources of customers and relatives to travel or study abroad, etc..
  • Customers can be provided with maximum limit of overdraft.
  • Customers’ deposit can be used to guarantee a loan with preferential interest rates at Kienlong Bank for the customer or a third party.
  • Customers can perform the account transactions at any branches/transaction offices of Kienlong Bank countrywide.
  • Free use of some support services.
Object Customer
Vietnamese residents or foreigners who have full civil legal capacity and civil act capacity according to Vietnamese law provisions.
Product’s features
  • Terms: Non- ter.
  • Currency: VND, USD, and EUR
  • Minimum deposit: VND100,000 or USD10/EUR10.
  • Minimum balance: VND100,000 or USD10/EUR10.
  • Account Use:
    - You can make cash deposits and withdrawals by yourself or by others.
    - Receiving or transferring money from other banks.
    - Daily payment or for term savings deposit of Kienlong Bank’s customers.
Hồ sơ và thủ tục
  • Kienlong Bank’s account opening application form .
  • Vietnamese residents: Identification card/ Passport (original or notarized copies)
  • Foreigners: Permanent/Temporary Residence Card and Valid Passport and Visa in Vietnam (original copy).
  • Other essential documents requested by Kienlong Bank (if any).
  • Customers need to prepare their documents as requested and directly come to any branches/transaction offices of Kienlong Bank countrywide to complete account opening procedures with the bank’s tellers.
  • Then, customers directly deposit at the counter of Kienlong Bank.
Fee and interest rate
  • Basis of interest rate: The Bank will pay interest to the customers on specific day of the month by crediting in customer’s account.
  • Interest rate: Please refer to Kienlong Bank’s prevailing schedule of deposit interest rates for VND or for USD/EUR.
  • Service fee: Please refer to Kienlong Bank’s prevailing schedule of charges.
  • Opening/closing account fee: free of charge when opening account, and closing account fee: VND20,000 .
  • Tallying fee will be collected in case of cash withdrawal within 3 days since the date of depositing into account.

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